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by Peter Moskos

September 12, 2009

Dear "Frequent Poster"

This is a letter to just one person who posts by the name "Frequent Poster."

Dear Frequent Poster,

You are the first and only person whose comments I have deleted. The first from hundreds of comments and thousands of readers. I suppose it is a coming-of-age experience for a blogger to have to delete a comment. But it is unfortunate.

You obviously have deep feelings about police issues. And I respect the depth of those feelings. But I do not like the style in which you express your feelings nor the certainty in which you believe you are sole possessor of the truth.

You wrote in one comment I deleted that I have been "dishonest and disrespectful to [you]." So please do not subject yourself to this disrespect. The problem could very well be me and not you. But still, it is my blog (you could always start your own).

Nobody pays me to write this. So when keeping this blog is more trouble than it's worth, I will stop. And you are making this experience much less fun for me.

I am kindly asking you to stop commenting to my posts. Commenting anonymously does not change the fact you are still commenting. I wish you would stop.

I am kindly asking you to stop reading my blog.

My next step would be to disallow anonymous comments and/or moderate all comments. I do now wish to do this. I am kindly asking you to do the honorable thing and respect my wishes and go away.

Peter Moskos


Louise said...

We have also had problems with a single commenter on one of our blogs, and can sympathize with your need to make this request. I know what a pain it is, and I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope that the support and admiration of your other commenters helps!

Keep up the good work, Mr. Moskos.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the man...or the annoying comment poster get you down!

Your blog is really one of-a-kind. You still have fans at the Baltimore PD. I know this because I am one of them. Keep up the good work and thank you for your service!

Anonymous said...

You have been trolled. Now the poster gets to take on a new persona and do it all over again. Perhaps next time, he (she?) won't get under your skin.