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by Peter Moskos

September 15, 2009

Vote, please!

Who reads this thing? And how many? I'd love to know (I'd also like to know how this correlates with the more general stat counter).

If you're reading this, please do me a favor and pick one of the categories below, then click vote.

Please vote once (but just once... this isn't Chicago). Actually, it's supposed to only let you vote once. Thanks!

Survey Results - GlowDay.com

Update September 24: I have at least 100 readers, about 85% male, 22% law enforcement, and 20% academics.


Katharine said...

I just started reading your blog... very recently, as in within the last week. I found you via Drug WarRant's blogroll. I'm always excited to find great new criminal justicey blogs! I'm excited to continue to read more from you! Keep blogging... I'll even try to stop by and comment a bit:-)

DJK said...

THIS ISN'T CHICAGO! HAHAHAHAHAHAH Well played, PM....well played.