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by Peter Moskos

October 30, 2009

Ghetto Reading List

In a footnote (p. 215) in Cop in the Hood, I list what I consider essential books in urban sociology (they're not all about the "ghetto").

Somebody was nice enough to take the time to put this list on Amazon. It's nice to see all these books in one place.


Rivkah said...

Great list..though would've also added Wacquant's Body and Soul and Bourgois's Righteous Dopefiend (perhaps in place of Code of the Street).

PCM said...

Sounds like you're itching for an epic East Coast/West Coast battle.

But seriously, I didn't even know Bourgois had a new book (and my list is from 2007). I look forward to reading it!

I don't think the list is complete by any means. I'd love to hear from others, too.

CPM said...

"Cop in the Hood" - foot patrol - We're out here tonight working halloween and worked the night bofore. Chief puts out extra officers on foot patol.. The public love's it when they see us walking which makes them feel safer!!! kids love seeing us too. The newer and auxilery officers want to be in cars thinking that if they are doing motor vehicle stops and driving around then there doing something. They hate walking, they think they are not doing anyting. Of coarse they don't realize they are doing something by walking and preventing problems form occurring!!! I never understood the concept until I read your book. Of coarse I am in rual area too, not much foot patrol todo here...