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by Peter Moskos

November 9, 2009

Baltimore Mayor Dixon's trial starts

The story in the New York Times.


m.a.d. said...

Ms. Dixon will probably be found guilty of some minor official misconduct and receive a suspended sentence. Eventually, she will worm herself back into politics by working on the staff of some other politician, or as a "consultant" for some lobbying firm. Nothing new, politicians acting improperly is the second oldest profession.

Now, PCM, I'm interested in your thoughts on the case of Professor Lionel McIntyre of Columbia who recently got arrested for punching a woman in the face inside a bar during their discussion about race. McIntyre is black, & the woman white. How do you think this will play out? Do you think he'll be charged with a hate crime (which personally I feel are unconstitutional)? Would the situation be portrayed differently in the "unbiased media" if a male white professor sucker punched a black female? Do you think Columbia will discipline McIntyre? What's your impression of this case and how it will be handled by Columbia, the media and the courts?

PCM said...

I'm not following Dixon's case enough to make an educated guess, but I'll hazard a guess that she'll be found not guilty on all charges.

And I hadn't heard of the McIntyre incident until looking it up right now.

I can't imagine he would or should be charged with a hate crime. Getting into a fight isn't a hate crime just because you're talking about race.

I also doubt there's much Columbia can do except wave a stern finger. I would certainly hope *my* employer wouldn't get involved in my personal life.

Would the situation be portrayed or publicized differently if the races were reversed? Beats me, but I would guess, probably. You want me to pick a fight tonight to find out?

Gotti Rules said...

PCM, You pick a fight?? Please, You better make sure it is with a small boy so you can kiss and make up after. Just kidding! Why don't you have anything about the excution in your blog today?? Get your fat butt down to B-more to visit soon !

PCM said...

And why don't you keep your own damn blog, big boy? Surprised you found somebody to type for you... or are you up to five words a minute? In which case I'm very proud of your progress!

And when is the last time you've come up to NYC? Chickenshit.

Hope to see you soon one way or the other!