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by Peter Moskos

November 14, 2009

Did officers mishandle this call?


And Peter Hermaan, a very good reporter, should really learn his 10-codes.

Here's the story.

The dispatch said she was notifying the Eastern, where the car was headed. The Southeast cannot drive around and look for a car at a location long since gone.


Gotti Rules said...

PCM, I hate to admitt when your right but you were right on point with this one. The ten code for Edward No means that the car was gone before the officer got there. Which sounds true because the car was treavelling at a high rate of speed. As you know patrol officers can not leave there post to go drive around aimlessly to look for this car. It sounds like the officer did what he was trained to do and have the dispatcher notify the district in which the car was headed. As a Baltimore Police officer for over ten years ever time I got a call for a possible DWI, the car was long gone before I got there.
And yes I will come down to the big scarey city and vist one of these days. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

If his GPS records show that he went where he was supposed to go to check for the drunk driver, then he should be cleared.

If his GPS records show that he decided to say that he went where he was supposed to go, but did not in fact go where he was supposed to go, then he should be fired.

It is a simple to solve case. I am reserving judgment til the GPS comes down.

PCM said...

You make it sound so simple.

"If his GPS record shows..."

You have no idea what you're talking about. I am glad you are keeping your judgment reserved.