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by Peter Moskos

November 2, 2009

Officer Down: Seattle cops ambushed in car

It's amazing how defenseless you are sitting in a police car. I'm happy this doesn't happen more.

[update: seems like they got the guy]


Anonymous said...

Today, was a very long and emotional day starting at 9 AM with a 1500+ LE, fire, emergency vehicle procession from the UW to the Key Arena to memorialize Officer Tim Brenton.

It was probably the largest LE funeral procession in recent memory.

It took 3 hours for the entire procession to reach and fill the arena. The memorial service started at 1 PM, and ended at apprx. 3:15. The entire process was covered end-to-end by all 3 local news networks.

At 3:30 PM - all networks broke news that an officer-involved shooting had taken place. LE cars from throughout the region converged on that spot. Largest regional response to a scene ever.

Seattle detectives were following a citizen lead on a possible car linked to the officer's death. Person of interest encountered; fled, brandished a weapon and detectives responded, bringing down the person. Wounded but still alive, he was airlifted to the hospital.

It's an irony and providential occurrence if in fact this person turns out to be the main suspect - just in timing (funeral), LE presence and response, and the incredible pall this awful officer death has cast over the many hearts of this community.

We, the entire community, hold our collective breaths a little longer until more and final info is known and verified.

"3 George 13, Officer Timothy Brenton, 9:50. 'Gone but never forgotten'".

Thanks for posting this thread.

~A SPD officer's proud sister~

PCM said...

And thank you for posting here.