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by Peter Moskos

December 10, 2009

NRA gun owners for gun control

E.J. Dionne writes about an interesting poll of NRA members.


Jay Livingston said...

I think that previous polls, going back several years, have found something similar. I don't recall the specifics, but it was probably on issues like assault rifles and cop-killer bullets.

I also think it's generally true that in any movement, the leadership is more ideological than the average supporter. But certainly in the case of the NRA, the power to influence legislation lies with the leadership, not the general membership

PCM said...

I'm a member of transportation alternatives. They're less ideological than me when it comes to bikes. But maybe I'm not a typical member.

Marc S. said...

I could care less what the Elmer Fudd's over at the NRA think. Take a look at image that goes with Charleton Heston's infamous "cold dead hands" quote and you'll see a man holding some quail hunting relic that no one has ever seriously though about restricting.

Personally, I don't own guns for sport so my limited collection of practical arms (nothing your average patrol officer wouldn't have access to) are what's frequently on the chopping block.

(more when i get back from this call)

Marc S. said...

Anyway, lets looks at the questions that were asked'

"82 percent of NRA members supported prohibiting people on the terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns."

Great, one of my best friends is an American born Muslim of Indian descent, he works as a pediatrician and doesn't have so much as a speeding ticket on his record. Regardless his name is about as ubiquitus at John Smith in the Muslim world and he's frequently detained at the airport for hours due to this. He's the last person in the wold who should be delayed or inconvenienced trying to purchace a gun to defend himself from the 82% of rednecks and shitkickers who participated in this poll.

"Sixty-nine percent favored requiring all gun sellers at gun shows to conduct criminal background checks of the people buying guns,"

The only people not performing background checks at gun shows are private sellers who could sell the gun to you in the parking lot as readily as in the show. Licenced dealers have to perform a background check wheter it's in their shop or at a show and the only people selling guns who can get a table are licenced dealers. Laws like this would change nothing.

I can keep going, but why bother. Frank Luntz is an expert at getting the results he wants to the questions he asked. He tossed a bunch of questions out that were phraised in a way most people wouldn't disagree with them without knowing the background. Question one, for instance is ment to evoke a gut reaction of "No by sounding a lot like "should terrorists have guns?" Any civil libertaian should know that people on the terroists watch list are not neccecarily terrorists.

(Sorry for the split response, i had to run out to rescue the minorly intoxicated driver in a 1 car MVC that desperately needs a copy of "flex your rights" as a stocking stuffer.)