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by Peter Moskos

December 15, 2009


I'm not too hard to reach. But if you're going to prank call me, please be sober enough so I can understand you!

The only really strange thing is that the caller ID comes back as a not-in-service number: (212) 237-2546. I'm not quite certain how you do that...

Here's the transcription, best I figure out:
Caller: [garbled] Please leave a message. Peter Mosko was never a police officer. He was a homo to begin with. All right. Poisoning the minds of little students over at John Jay.

Probably slobbers his bosses' knob for police [?].

But does he think that equal rights for gay because [garbled] can do it, too [unintelligable].

Fucking butthead.
Of course my wife's first thought was that it was one of my friends from Baltimore, but she noticed this sounded a little creepier. And his voice is strangely deep, which makes me think he's altering it.

Oh, he just called back from a different (718) number. I answered and talked to him a bit. He insisted it's nothing personal (uh, really?).

He claims he read my book (doubtful) and implied he had been a student of mine (no way). But in the end said I wasn't such a bad teacher.

Seems like he's just your average run-of-the-mill racist (he calls himself a "realist") idiot who doesn't like liberals or professors at John Jay. Particularly those who say that "Black people are never wrong and all that liberal-biased bullshit." It seems he has a particular problem with me and one other professor mentioned by name at John Jay.

You know, I had a listed phone number as a cop in Baltimore (not many people knew this) and never got a strange or prank phone call. But write one lousy book...


BG said...

Your phone doesn't actually "know" where he called from. Instead, like an email, it accepts the information transmitted from the other end of line. If he was calling from a cellphone that has been hacked (like a jail broken iphone) or open (like android) he could spoof his phone number. I know for certain that there is an app for jail broken iphones. I imagine there are other ways to accomplish the same.

Gotti Rules said...

When you said friend from baltimore did you mean me?? You know that I am not smart enough to change my voice or use an out of service number. It took me an hour just to write this because you changed something in your blog. You might be gay but I still love you! I must admitt your a good friend to have! and yes I hope to make it down to the scary city and visit one day.

Unknown said...

Mr. Moskos, I'm calling from the electric company. Are your appliances running? BETTER GO CATCH THEM!

Man, I crack myself up sometimes...

ChristMotForbud said...

Maybe it was Barry McCaffrey, still stinging from being taken to task by you and Tim Lynch on Lou Dobbs' show?

Right after your interview this happened…

Someone shot an impotent bullet at Dobbs' house.

Then Lou Dobbs got fired.

Now it's your turn, so he crank called; what's next ding dong ditch? :-)