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by Peter Moskos

December 23, 2009

Stocking stuffers of the century!

And the century has just barely begun.

How come nobody is buying Cop in the Hood for Christmas? My Amazon sales rank is rapidly approaching infinity. Not good. Last I checked, more than 200,000 book were selling better than my book. That's a lot of books being bought that aren't mine.

I can't think of a better present in the holiday spirit than a scintillating story of blood, drugs, and arrest discretion!

Oh wait, I can. There's Forking Fantastic, the best cookbook ever. It's even got a recipe by me (though that's not what makes it the best cookbook ever).

Two great last-minute Christmas presents. You can still get them shipped in time for Christmas. Or go to your local bookstore. I'm just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

ordered it earlier today. looking fwd 2 reading

Adrian said...

I got it in my stocking

PCM said...

Somebody must really love you!