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by Peter Moskos

December 28, 2009

Terror Suspect

So what's the lesson with this guy? Seriously.

It's damn hard to stop people from doing harm if they're willing to kill themselves... but that's no real answer.

Here's one of many stories.

[poor Nigeria, their rep was bad enough with simply internet scams!]

[update:] Maybe it's this, from David Brooks' column in the New York Times.
At some point, it’s worth pointing out that it wasn’t the centralized system that stopped terrorism in this instance. As with the shoe bomber, as with the plane that went down in Shanksville, Pa., it was decentralized citizen action. The plot was foiled by nonexpert civilians who had the advantage of the concrete information right in front of them — and the spirit to take the initiative.

For better or worse, over the past 50 years we have concentrated authority in centralized agencies and reduced the role of decentralized citizen action.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Sadly, I think the lesson to take from this attack is that our government thinks (knows?) we are morons.

The enhanced security measures implemented after this attack do nothing other than inconvience airline passengers.

They would not have even prevented the attack to which which they were a direct response. In fact, if the dutch guy followed these new rules, he would not leave his seat to prevent the bomber from trying to dentonate the bomb again (who was actually just sitting in his seat)

It is really discouraging that none of our elected officials have stood up and said stop the insanity, keep your shoes on, and feel free to put your toothpaste in your carry on.

In September a suicide bomber tried to kill a saudi prince with a bomb that was stuffed up his ass.. PLEASE do not mention this to the TSA, we will be having to squat and cough or getting a glove and lubricated finger before boarding next...