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by Peter Moskos

December 5, 2009

Uh, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here?

"Party is over, guys...."

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to invite the neighborhood drug dealers to your place to watch the game.

The guests staying for three days, sold drugs out of his living room, and bound and tortured the guy by pouring boiling water and pennies over his naked body.

Boiling pennies?! Where do they think of these things?


Anonymous said...

If it weren't for this racist "War on Drugs", these three young men would have been working on Wall Street and raising their families properly. Damned racist "War on Drugs" you've done it again!

PCM said...

If only.

Maybe they would be working at a McDonalds?

Who knows where these upstanding young men be if it weren't for the war on drugs. But I know one thing, they wouldn't be selling drugs!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe if drugs were legalized alot of these guys would find another illegal way of making money that doesn't require long years of preparation and long hours of actual work. Yes there are bad guys in the world, and sometimes you can't explain it away by blaming society.
Pennies though...points for originality.

PCM said...

But among rich countries, it's only ours where they kill each other with such frequency.

There are bad people everywhere, but I don't by the born degenerate argument. You think growing up in the ghetto improves your chances of success?

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying these guys were born degenerates and "the ghetto" churns out millions of solid citizens every generation. No, I think these guys had to work at becoming the sadistic maniacs they showed themselves to be. Maybe they need to dehumanize their customers to kill them with the drugs they provide, and this is just an extension of that mindset.

Thus ends my foray into Phsych. of the Narcotics Retailer.