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by Peter Moskos

December 8, 2009

Would be 10 years now...

December 6, 1999, was my official D.O.E. in the Baltimore Police Department (even though I was already two-months into an academy class). Had I stayed on the job, I would now have ten years on, with ten more to go.


Gotti Rules said...

Do you wish that you stayed?? You were smart enough to pass the promotional tests and probability would have been command staff by now. Do you reget leaving???

PCM said...

No. Not really.

I don't see the appeal of being command staff. I've been a boss. It's got its own hassles and headaches. Plus, a police boss doesn't get to pick who works for him half the time. What if I had to supervise someone like you? I get a terrible burning sensation just thinking about it.

But if I were still on patrol in the Eastern I'd be a bitter burnt-out motherf*cker by now. How did J.W. do it?

If I were still a cop in Baltimore, I could see myself happy in one of two places: floating on a boat in the Patapsco or walking the beat in Greektown.

Other than that. I'll take life up here in the Big Apple.

And weren't you supposed to visit this weekend?