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by Peter Moskos

February 18, 2010

General Order No. 41, 1870


Unknown said...

We have a Patrol Guide now, but my father spoke of the old general orders! Good find!

PCM said...

Actually a student of mine found it. So thanks to him!

In Baltimore we still have "General Orders." Like the Patrol Guide, it's much thicker than it used to be. It's also much thicker than it should be.

PCM said...

And I particular love that was against general orders to talk to people! Now there's a recipe for good policing.

Of course I'm sure that then, just like now, these rules were only enforced selectively.

Unknown said...

There is still an order against "uncessary conversation" in the new patrol guide. The PG though, does not define exactly who with or for how long conversation would be to break that rule.