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by Peter Moskos

March 25, 2010

Dutch "coffee shop" fined 10 million euros

Ahhh, the joys of drug regulation and the strange wonders of Dutch drug policy.

The ultimate crime seem to be that this place got too big for its britches. But they nailed them for keeping a stock of more than 18 ounces of marijuana. That is a limit that most if not all coffee shops violate. But this place was busted with 440 pounds of weed in house.

I honestly have never heard of Terneuzen. But I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow for Spring Break to visit family (my brother, his wife, and kids), friends, and boats.

Stay safe. I'll try and stay out of trouble.


Richard P. said...

An story from St. Louis about a cop chasing a suspect. The story is poorly written so it is hard to tell what happened. But your thoughts would be welcomed.


PCM said...

Sounds like a tragedy. It seems (from my reading of the article) that the suspect was not directly involved in the crash. Lights and sirens or not, it's up to the police to make sure intersections are clear and things stay safe.

If I were the department, I'd be worried about lawsuits from the other cars involved in the crash. Especially if that first car involved had a green light.