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by Peter Moskos

March 18, 2010

Police Priorities

Evidently, the MTA (New York's subways and buses) could raise enough money to prevent massive service cuts if they could only collect the fare from 27 million dollarsof fare evaders.

Meanwhile, the NYPD arrests more people for misdemeanor drugs possession (half of those for the lowest level of marijuana possession) than it does for fare evasion. That's an interesting take on our city's priorities.

I have a suggestion for Mayor Bloomberg and Mr. Kelly...


Jay Livingston said...

The trouble is that you can't stop and frisk someone and find out they jumped the turnstile.

PCM said...

But I guess what I'm asking is would it not be better for the city to have officers cracking down on fare evasion instead of out of the street, frisking people? Maybe not. But it's worth asking.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should concentrate on the weed smoking fare beaters, then everyone would be happy.

PCM said...

And then there's this story in today's NYT. The last few paragraphs are excellent.

Another example of quotas making the NYPD look stupid and not making the city safer.

And notice he didn't have his feet *on* the seat (because that would be rude). He had his leg on the seat. That's exactly the way I sit on those cars.

Bob G. said...

Those are some really older homes...reminds me of most of the areas of South Philly (that also USED to exist).

We just call areas like this "The Badlands".
My current neighborhood in Ft. Wayne IS changing around us (in similar fashion)...been so for a while, and the city will NOT move to change thiu=ngs back around.

It's sad to summarily "write off" entire neighborhoods, but I suppose the city likes to have their slums "where they can keep an eye on them", as it were.

And quotas never make ANY department look "good"...just the city bosses (and thier wallets).
But that's just *my* take on that.

Some very eye-opening stuff you have here. Keep those hits coming!

Stay safe.