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by Peter Moskos

March 24, 2010

A Whiff of Taser

From a reader: "So, following the memo to pick your targets carefully when employing the Taser, Taser invents a device to fire wildly into a crowd."


Bob G. said...

Looks like TASER has scored another in the 10 ring with this!

Makes me wonder why more departments do not use systems like LRAD, or active denial M/Ws, or even "dazzlers".

Plenty of tech out there for the LEOs...just pick your "flavor".

Good post.

Bob G. said...

I mean "PCM"...got my blogs confused...been a long day (so far)...geez.

Marc said...

You remember that incident in Boston where the girl was killed by a pepperball that struck her in the head as police fired "less lethal" munitions wildly into a crowd of Red Sox fans?

I see the future of this device...

PCM said...

Victoria Snelgrove was her name. Poor girl. What a horrible way to go.

Anonymous said...

Give me a capable officer with conventional equipment over a TASER warrior any day.