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by Peter Moskos

May 19, 2010

Immigrants Save Cities

Not about police, but this article by Richard Herman does summarize my position on immigration very well.


Anonymous said...

This article deals with attracting high skilled legal immigrants. Recent controversy surrounding immigration has been about low-skilled illegal immigration. Your blog post should probably be titled "Highly Skilled Legal Immigrants Save Cities". The author of the article is listed as a co-founder of an organization for Indian-American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. The immigrants he deals with couldn't be more different from low-skilled illegals. Indian-Americans are amongst the most highly educated and affluent ethnic groups in the United States.

-From Canada

PCM said...

True, but why then are we making life hard for skilled Indian immigrants? "Cracking down" on immigration does not distinguish between skilled and unskilled. If anything, it makes life harder for those immigrants who try to follow the bureaucratic nightmare (read: The Rules).

I know personal horror stories of ivy-league educated rich potential immigrants being chased out of the country. It's absurd.

I have yet to hear a single anti-immigrant person say, "Let's work harder to stop illegal immigration while at the same providing more options for legal immigration (skilled or otherwise)."

But low-skilled immigrants help cities too. Why? Because they work hard, pay taxes, and generally stay out of trouble.

Look at New York City: 40% foreign born! That includes skilled and not-so skilled. But that is a subject for another article.