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by Peter Moskos

May 8, 2010

Off Duty Balto Officer Cut in Harford County

The story in the Sun.

The guys who attacked him, in what seems to be a case of road rage, were quick to drop the N-Bomb and talk about hanging Detective Cook, who is black.

For just being cut in the eye, give Cook credit for being calm on professional on the phone.

Officers move from the city in part so they don't have to carry their gun. That's not always a smart choice.


Anonymous said...

The article said that the officer could lose sight in his eye. He is a detective with 6 years on the force. What are his career prospects if he loses eye?

-From Canada

PCM said...

Honestly, I shouldn't matter. But I'm not sure if it does.

A few years ago my wife lost vision in one eye. It's less a big deal than you'd think.

And you find out all these other people that only have one working eye.

Anonymous said...

May I ask what your wife does for a living?

PCM said...

She writes and copy edits (which doesn't generally take two eyes). But she also writes travel guides, which means she travels alone a lot and does a shit load of driving. She also still bikes in NYC.

Avatar in 3D? Not so impressive.

And once in a while she misses with the wine pour. But there's more to depth perception than two eyes, especially at any distance over a few feet.

Racquetball is probably out. As would be being a .300 hitter. And the lack of peripheral vision on one side is a minus but not the end of the world.

There's another fine BPD officer who lost all his vision in a gunfight. He's now an excellent instructor in the academy. But I think Cook could continue his active police duties on the street just fine. But regardless, hopefully the surgery will go fine.

Johnny Law said...

I'm pretty sure that losing vision in one eye will be an automatic removal from police work. My department had a guy lose an eye and he had to medically retire. The city did put him to work as a civilian evidence tech though.

PCM said...

Rings true.

I'm just saying that if it were not an automatic disqualifier, it wouldn't really matter for 98% of police work. No more than being out of shape, for instance.

W. Butler said...

Hell, who is that sailor who lost a leg and kept his job after proving he could still do his job?

It seems to me that if you can still function, you ought to be able to keep your job.

PCM said...

Captain Ahab? Perhaps not the best example of cool headedness post traumatic stress.

Cleanville Tziabatz said...
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DAP said...

"Officers move from the city in part so they don't have to carry their gun. That's not always a smart choice."

It's never a smart choice for an officer to go unarmed off-duty.