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by Peter Moskos

May 20, 2010

Off-Duty Chicago Cop Killed, killer shot by victim's father

Tragic story with an unusual twist in the Sun Times. Too bad a good man is still dead.


IrishPirate said...

The dead officer served two tours in Iraq, including a very recent one, comes home and gets shot in front of the house he grew up in. A house his grandfather built 50 years ago.

Then his retired cop dad shoots two of the assailants.

All on Martin Luther King Drive.

All in what was until recently a relatively crime free area of the black south side of Chicago. The type of neighborhood many white folks don't know exist. Where working class and middle class strivers tend their lawns, and coach little league.

Sometimes irony sucks.

Last week Officer Wortham was featured in the Chicago Tribune because he was the head of the local park council and was trying to clean up the park across from his childhood home. The Tribune story focused on increased crime in the neighborhood since most Chicago projects got torn down.

More irony.

Bob G. said...

Before today, I didnpt know who this officer was...today, I am greatly saddened by such events.

I agree with IrishPirate -
Irony DOES suck!

Now we hear of two Arkansas officers cut down by thugs with AK-47s. Two more were wounded.

NO regard for others, NO respect for the law, and certainly NO concern for anything but themselves, who were thankfully killed by other oficers, thereby saving the taxpayers some serious money!

DJK said...

Dad's lucky he had his gun... I wonder if he hadn't been a cop if he could have had that gun.