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by Peter Moskos

May 27, 2010

"Police dem a wicked n' a tief...soldier not so bad"

According to the papers, life in Kingston begins to return to normal. Dudus has not been captured. Until he his, seems like you'd have to call the whole operation a failure.

My quote of the day comes from The Observer's Twitter feed: "Dem say Dudus hold us hostage but it Bruce [The P.M.]. Mi wana go look for mi son. Mi don't know if 'in dead!"

cartoon from The Observer


Jaguar said...

Peter, completely unrelated to this, I highly recommend you, all of your LEO readers, as well as anyone interested in law enforcement pick up The Wagon and Other Stories from the City, by Martin Preib, University of Chicago Press, 2010. Preib is Chicago PD, and he's written one hell of an excellent book about his experiences on the force. Available on Amazon, B&N, and bookstores everywhere.

PCM said...

I bought, read it, and loved it. It is an excellent book.

I also thought I had written a post it (but turns out I haven't).

Closest I came was this: http://www.copinthehood.com/2010/04/bring-out-your-dead.html

I, too, strongly recommend it!