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by Peter Moskos

June 16, 2010

Cockfight raid in N.M.

Police in Deming, N.M. raided a cockfight. People ran away. Birds, live and dead, were recovered. How much you wanna bet the live birds will now be killed?

It's not like I get too worked up over it either way, but I think it's a shame that New Mexico banned cockfighting in 2007. It was something special about the state and there is a long tradition of cockfighting that predates New Mexico's entry into the United States. Hell, it predates the United States!

Here's the state's Q & A on banning cockfighting. It's actually a pretty good Q & A, but I'm not convinced by any of it.

Plus, there's not too much going on in Deming "Home of pure water and fast ducks" New Mexico. And fighting cocks is better the cooking meth. If guys want to raise beautiful birds and bet on them while they kill each other? Fine by me. Besides, I've bet at a cockfight. I didn't understand all of it. But clearly these people cared deeply about it. And it was kind of beautiful.

I'd prefer to be fighting cock than a Perdue Chicken.


Newtoast said...

Mr. Moskos, "Purdue" is the land-grant university with the excellent engineering programs (and, incidentally, my alma mater). "Perdue" is the factory farming chicken producer.

I think you would, in fact, be quite happy to be a Purdue chicken. Perdue, not so much.

PCM said...

Thanks! Corrected.

Newtoast said...

Thanks, and I hope my tone carried the cheek I intended more than the humorless scolding I now seem to read in it.

As for the actual content of your post, I'm not sure I'm convinced but I've never really thought about or looked into it. Thanks for at least staking out a position on an issue that usually seems to be treated as a settled matter.

PCM said...

Personally, I'm not convinced cockfighting is that bad. Especially compared to say, human fighting or industrial animal slaughter. But to me that isn't the real point.

What is a big issue is a bunch busy-body do-gooders using the power of the state to impose their will on others.

If you're not hurting other people without their consent (which could include environmental issues), the state should limit its interests to regulating and taxing.

People want to do things that other people don't approve of (drink, drugs, pay for sex, get tattoos, gamble fighting cocks, box, listen to hip-hop music). Suck it up.

You shouldn't criminalize something just because you don't like it and you can. Especially if it doesn't affect you!

The paternalistic strain in "progressive" culture that loves telling other people what they can and cannot is a blot on our culture.

And it's a waste of police resources.

IrishPirate said...

There is a "cock fight" scene in the movie "Kentucky Fried Movie".

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be on the net.

Let's just say no poultry were involved in the making of that scene.

To give you an idea of what the movie is like I suggest this scene.


dirtysanchez said...

I was there! Dead roosters in black garbage bags!

PCM said...

Dear Senor Sanchez,

I don't really believe you were there (with a name like that...) but if you were, please tell me more. Details. A picture would be great. You can always email me: mail@petermoskos.com.


And I put my chicken scraps in black garbage bags, too. What else am I supposed to do with them?

Gotti Rules said...

Hey Pete,

I was so happy that you finally had something about cocks on your web site and I got all excited but then I realized that you were talking about a different kind of cock. Next time could you please use photos to avoid the confusion??

PCM said...

Very sorry for the misunderstand, Gotti. Be assured I have gone over this issue with your wife and cleared up any and all confusion.

Anonymous said...

I am part of a movement that supports a modified from of cockfighting in NM, where the cocks are represented by surrogate figthers, who are people, and when one of them dies in the ring then the corresponding cock is summarily executed as well. It's gritty, it's raw, it's real, and it makes sure everyone involved has some real skin in the game. I predict it will sweep NM, and then the nation.

PCM said...

Brilliant! I don't know why *I* didn't think of that.

Bebe said...

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