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by Peter Moskos

June 4, 2010

Dirt bike crashes into car. Car driver assulted.

This dirt bike thing in Baltimore continues to be out of control. I can't believe that 10 years after I first saw packs of these going around, they're still a problem.

I mean, other cities don't have this problem. What makes Baltimore so unique?

To ride an illegal dirt bike, especially on the sidewalk or through parks, needs to be an arrestable offense. Pursuit needs to be an option. And forfeiture laws need to be made so that people lose their bikes (and these bikes not auctioned back to city people).

Now these are three suggestion that go against what I normally believe in. But continued tolerance of this danger is more of a risk. Baltimore's dirt-bike culture needs to be stopped. And that will take one summer (maybe two) of aggressive enforcement.

This is a clip from 2007:


Anonymous said...

It was interesting that the discussion thread was discussing whether the automobile driver should stop or keep going and call in the accident.

Any thoughts on that dilemma?

PCM said...

I don't know.

I am not for leaving the scene of an accident. I am for leaving the scene of a mob bend on beating the crap out of you.

I guess I'd say play it by ear. Certainly the first reaction should be to stop.

Johnny Law said...

Funny that it seems they want to the police to DO SOMETHING!! But they don't want to chase them. Heck, the PD seems to be advertising the fact that the bikes can run with no consequences.

Of course if they did chase them and one of the little punks got killed, I am sure the police would be blamed. You really can't win on this one.

Anonymous said...

For a time, these bikes need to be turned into contraband within the confines of Baltimore. Simple possession should be a violation of the law, and the bikes should be confiscated whenever they are found, in motion or parked.

Second, start measuring dirt bike seizures on patrol. Categorize the success of district commanders based in part on how many bikes they send to the property clerk to be turned into scrap.

Third, establish a policy that will arrest in lieu of summons for violations committed with a dirt bike. The Supreme Court has decisively defend the PD's right to arrest a person in any case when he is eligible for a summons.
Then measure how many arrests are made.

Fourth, conduct sweeps and checkpoints at locations bikes pass through. If nothing else, this will disrupt the bikers. Well-laid checkpoints can ambush them.

DJK said...

Summary execution?