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by Peter Moskos

June 7, 2010

Mobile Marijuana Dispensaries

I enjoy watching California's marijuana laws evolve. That's the way we should be dealing with drugs. Delivery services are one way people are getting their weed in California (and in New York City, too, even though it's clearly illegal here).

I'm all for legal and regulated drugs. And yet I wouldn't want to live next to a marijuana dispensary. Nor for that matter would I want to live next to a bar, barking dogs, cigar smokers, a child daycare center, or an older Italian couple that puts our their TV in the summer and watches "Wheel of Fortune" at high volume. But sometimes you do (I put up the latter).

So now the anti-marijuana crowd and some police wants to crack down on the mobile weed dealers. Why? I'm not certain. Seems to me that a delivery service is the ideal way to deliver drugs. No congregating. No street dealers. Nobody gets hurt.

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