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by Peter Moskos

June 5, 2010

Time to Tell (IV)

I got another email from a somebody who worked with my father. He wrote:
Charlie took me to a book party where he introduced me to Colin Powell. On the way out Charley and I were speaking about DADT and I suddenly realized that he thought that it was going to a permanent solution to the issue. DADT was a godsend for Clinton, solving a problem that was threatening his presidency. But that is a political issue and DADT was a political solution and therefore subject to opinions, not permanent facts. I had the impression that he eventually agreed with me, but I took it as yet another sign of his eternal optimism.

Also, Charley and I once traveled to Ft Polk where he interviewed soldiers. This was Charlie as his best: he made the lowest rank soldier feel that his opinion was as important as any generals'. He did the same with me. He once called me and said, "I am meeting with Pres Clinton on affirmative action. What do you think I should tell him?". Wow, this was certainly elevating my rank. He also called a few weeks later to tell me about his discussion! ... It was just his nature to respect others.

I have tried to use that as a guide for dealing with others, but I am a poor imitation of your father.
Or, as my father liked to (jokingly) remind me of what his grandfather told him, "You'll never be half the man the old man is!"

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