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by Peter Moskos

July 1, 2010

Right Wing Lies (IV)

Perhaps The Onion says it best. It often does.


ChristMotForbud said...

I went there but it was just a bunch of words! BORING! So I just pretended to know what it said, had a good laugh, and watched videos instead. ;-)

In related news, in case you know anyone at the Onion, I have had an idea I've not yet fleshed out. AND it would be good to get LEAP some attention!

It goes something like this. You know the domain name and saying "CopsSayLegalizeDrugs.com" but imagine that it doesn't have caps or the last cap is fudged like this, "CopsSayLegalizedRugs.com," or it's just a misread of "copssaylegalizedrugs.com."

This could be a video or written piece. But as I hinted above I think the video could have more appeal. Perhaps LEAP could do it themselves?

In any case, the jokes revolve around "illegal rugs" and "legalizing rugs" as the reporters (and other characters) discuss why illegal rugs are a problem since it's not clear why cops want to legalize rugs.

Maybe it's a man-on-the-street interview. Then finally someone walks by and hears their confusion. S/he stops and clears the whole thing up by correcting them it's Cops Say Legalize Drugs, NOT Cops Say Legalized Rugs. And of course that's the time to lay on the best reasons.

At some point I'll get to this, but just tossing it out there for others…

PCM said...

That's not a bad idea.

And just so you know, I don't actually read any of the stuff I link to. I just link to stuff so people think I'm smart. I try and pick stuff where the words look really long.

ChristMotForbud said...

Well that's just supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! Wow am I smart or what!? :-) I think I just raised your Google ranking tens of percentage points with that one word alone!

There are a number of variations that have popped in my head, like making fun of how so many people seem to have a hair trigger, want to march for any reason, and there is a huge march for legalized rugs because cops say so. Then they all realize that's not exactly what the message means.

But in any case I think this idea is particularly good for opening the door to the controversial notion of legalizing drugs. Since it doesn't introduce the idea right at the outset; which can potentially be a turn off for the particularly closed minded whos small minds immediately jump to all the wrong conclusions.

But imagine showing respectable people like yourself, Neill, Matthew, etc… being interviewed first about your backgrounds, then clearing up misconceptions about legalized rugs. Anyway, there are many possibilities.

Mattew Fogg has a new LEAP video. I'm mulling how to present it at CAP, I'll try to use some big words in my write-up, so you can link to it. ;-)