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by Peter Moskos

August 15, 2010

Alvarez released from hospital, arrested

This is the guy shot 20 times by the police. One week later, he's out of the hospital. How is that possible!? From the Times:
The police have arrested Mr. Alvarez on charges of attempted murder, attempted assault in the first degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and criminal use of a firearm in the second degree.
Is it just me, or does anybody else think that perhaps you should just get a free pass if you're shot twenty times by police... and live.


winston smith said...

Any man who survives a trial by ordeal such as this can't possibly be guilty.


PCM said...

Yes, "trial by ordeal." That is what I was trying to think of!

PCM said...

Or they could find him guilty and sentence him to being shot twenty times. And then release him for the bullet equivalent of "time served."

Marc said...

There's more crazy stuff about this story.

The NYPD shot and killed one guy accidentally, wounded two of their own officers and two more people who must have been bystanders.

Here comes the crazy part:

The officers involved still managed to hit their target three times as often as the average hit percentage for NYPD officer involved shootings.

IrishPirate said...

I suggest the NYPD be armed with "holy water" in the future.

This guy obviously has supernatural powers. Maybe a silver bullet?

I just dunno.

Jeff N said...

Were they using the lead bullets that day or the ones made of marshmellow?

Anonymous said...

His survival just shows it was his destiny to face trial for his misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

It is beginning to look like Angel Alvarez was an innocent victim. Nothing to see here . . .

PCM said...

An innocent victim? Except when he was chasing down Soto to kick his ass!

Except when he was packing heat and got caught.

Except when he tried to run over police officers.

Except for all the things he did but didn't get caught.

Innocent victim? My ass.

Anonymous said...

If the police aren't telling the truth on this one, what makes you think they were telling the truth on previous encounters?