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by Peter Moskos

August 4, 2010

Giuliani’s Daughter Arrested for Shoplifting

Is this really news? No. But then again... if somebody else's daughter were arrested, I'm sure Giuliani might have something to say. Suffice it to say, she's no alter boy.

I'd file this in the right-wing hypocrisy cabinet (which is similar to but takes up slightly more space than left-wing hypocrisy cabinet). If your big thing is family values, perhaps you'd be wise to pay extra special attention to your own, first.

I'll file this one right between "Cheney, draft dodger (better things to do)" and "Homophobe politicians (gay)." And the latter is right before "Limbaugh, Rush (four-time defender of traditional marriage... and junkie)."


Jay Livingston said...

You left out the punch line:
'the former mayor “asks the media to respect the privacy of his daughter at this time.” '

Just the way Rudy respected the privacy of the people he arrested

PCM said...

It was actually that line that made me feel obliged to post about her in the first place.