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by Peter Moskos

August 2, 2010

In from the cold

The cradle of democracy is safe. My work there is done.

Ferry boat from Piraeus to Mytilene. The sea is indeed wine dark.
The beach town of Skala Eresou (aka: Eressos).
The little harbor.
The beach in the morning.
The Eressos Valley
We stumbled across this guy making Traxana. 200 kilos of goats' milk and flour stirred all day. We returned in the afternoon, knowing he'd give out a sample. It was still warm and delicious.
After drying in the son for a few days, this is the finished project. It lasts all winter.
Figs from a tree in a vacant lot. We were there a few days early for the seasonal explosion of figs. But a few good ones were still to be had.
For the pickin'.
Poor lost sardine fell from the fish truck. Soon to be cat food.
Mr. Natural snaps off a good one.
Mr. Natural snaps off another.
Moon rising over town.
Sun Setting.
At the outdoor movie theater.
My friend threading the projector. Why? Because she can.
Fish dinner runs about $20 a person, tax and tip and drinks included. And it's good fish. Very good.
Octopus, tenderized in the sun.
Birds in a truck, for sale or rent.
Nice melons... fifty cents.
No phone, no pool, no pets.
I'm a man of means by no means.
King of the road.


CPM said...

If that is Greece, I am there. What a beautiful place! Heard lots a great stories about it. My brother has been there several times.

Bob G. said...

Greece has ALWAYS seemed so damn beautiful.

A shame it's torn by internal conflict today.

But, I'll wager you didn't go ANYWHERE near all that, eh?

Pictures are nothing short of SPECTACULAR.
(now, I'm hungry too)

Glad you posted them.

Stay safe.

PCM said...

There was no strife to go near. Reports of Greece's death are greatly exaggerated. Life goes on.