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by Peter Moskos

August 25, 2010

Las Vegas Shooting "Justified"

As predicted, the killing of unarmed Trevon Cole in Las Vegas, based on bad tactics, a bad warrant, bad flashlight batteries (?!), a bad track record, misinformation, mis-identification was found to be justified.
Despite contradictory statements by nearly everyone else who testified, Yant stood by his story that he fired the fatal shot only after Cole stood up, turned and thrust his hands toward Yant as if he had a gun.
Yant testified: "Unfortunately he made an aggressive act toward me. He made me do my job."

Silly me. All this time I thought the job of police officers was to uphold the laws and state and federal constitutions.


Marc said...

"Silly me. All this time I thought the job of police officers was to uphold the laws and state and federal constitutions."

Apparently Yant is a proponent of the "Shooting innocent people in the face" school of policing.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Richard P. said...

Tuttle... Buttle. Who gives a f... I did what they told me.

I ain't moving back. Well at least not to those bad states.

Anonymous said...

related: the inquest on lv costco shooting is set for sep 22-24. the houses are not taking any bets however because the odds of them finding a bad shoot are simply too small to be calculated. should be interesting to see how they handle the audio and video. i am guessing, "all the equipment malfunctioned and/or suffered accidental erasure."

Unknown said...

Kind of funny/sad that this happened in the same couple of days as Dude Rivieri losing his job over yelling at a kid and throwing him to the ground.

Kill an unarmed guy in his own bathroom.... ok.

Yell at and rough up a kid... not ok.

Marc said...

Jeff, that's because there wasn't youtube video.

Anyway, the sheriff in this case promised that until they get around to reviewing their policies, all forced entries will be done by the SWAT team.

There's a solution to the problem with busting down the wrong door and shooting an innocent man in the face, more guys with bigger guns.

Spark Check said...

@Jeff: two different incidents, two different agencies, two different ways of doing things.