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by Peter Moskos

October 28, 2010

Gruesome Pics...

...of the war in the drugs, mostly in Mexico.

While you lose you appetite looking at these, remember the US party line that violence in Mexico is a sign the drug gangs are on the run.

War is peace!

(I've never seen those evidence cones get to number 71... and we had some pretty big shootings in Baltimore.)

[thanks to Irish Pirate for the tip]


Gotti Rules said...

Hey pete,

I had a case in Baltimore we had 81 cones. It was on New years Eve and we didn't know which shell casings were from people shooting in the air to party and which ones were from the homicide. So we had to make them all. But I am sure they were all not from the homicide.

PCM said...

How high do those number go?

I'm sure higher than you can count. (...you saw that one coming, right?)

Anonymous said...

The Drug War mentality is very 1984ish these days, thus the Orwell quote was most appropriate. Keep up the good fight, Peter.

Dave H- IL

MisguidedPotential said...

If you legalized and regulated drugs, what do you think these murderers and traffickers would switch to as their next source of income? Is the goal of reducing violence achieved through different means when it comes to marijuana vs. other drugs that are actually harmful?

PCM said...

I would hope they'd keep selling drugs, make a lot of money, pay taxes, and sponsor Little League teams.

Of course that's a bit optimistic. I imagine some would go legit, others would shift into extortion and union activity, just like what happened with the mob after the end of alcohol prohibition in the US.

No, I don't thing drug dealers are driven by a desire to be eeeevil. They want to make money. Most would be happy to do so legally, if they could.

And the goal of reducing violence would be the same for all drugs. Marijuana should be a no-brainer. Other drugs (heroin, crack, meth) would be a tough sell because the drugs are so much clearly worse than weed. But violence could be reduced through regulation for every drug.