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by Peter Moskos

November 9, 2010

Lawsuits against Chicago police down 50%

Because the Chicago Police Department isn't providing cash payments to settle out of court. Once that incentive goes away...


IrishPirate said...

Not a big surprise there.

Soon to be former Mayor Daley had a policy of offering settlements for virtually any police case brought against "da fine city of Chi Caw Gaw". The City Attorney, Corporation Counsel, fought virtually nothing in court.

The Mayor was deathly afraid of some high profile police killing igniting the black community in opposition to his benevolent rule.

In 1999 two such killings happened within days of one another and settlements were quickly arrived at.

Google the names "robert russ" and "latanya haggerty" for further information.

The city settled those cases for tens of millions. Ms Haggery's death was a tragic error that could partially be blamed on the driver of the car she was in running from the police.

Mr Russ was an oversized former Northwestern Football player with a history of fighting Evanston cops. His stupidity contributed to his death. Fleeing cops in a vehicle and refusing to get out. Cops break glass, struggle for gun with Mr Russ ensues, bang bang......no more Mr Russ.

Dana King said...

Finally, someone, somewhere, thinks two steps ahead. Yes, it may be cheaper to settle than to litigate this case, but, if we add them all up, we'll get fewer cases if people know we won't roll over. It might cost more per case, but less overall, because fewer cases had to be litigated.

PCM said...

My thoughts exactly!

Plus, it's good for police officers. Nothing pisses off a good cop more than getting some B.S. complaint with no basis in truth. Because despite what the public thinks, they are investigated. And it's not easy to prove a negative.