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by Peter Moskos

November 8, 2010

Zimring on the NYPD crime drop

Frank Zimring has always been one of the better criminologists out there.

This nine minute video from the Vera Institute of Justice hows some of the reasons why.


Anonymous said...

Does this count?


What's the difference between product goals and quotas, and, shouldn't the non-quota be lower?
The idea that there are 30 individuals littering per month, in front of an officer, per patrol and multiplied by X amount of patrols is absurd.

How's a police officer supposed to gain trust in a community when he or she is handing out frivolous summonses that result in being over turned?

PCM said...

Good questions Maybe somebody else can answer it (see next post). I can't.

Anonymous said...

Awesome video. Too bad it doesn't get more exposure. I remember a cop in Boston in the late 1990's telling me crime had dropped because "all the bad guys are in jail now". Sounded like BS to me, and Zimring just blew that out of the water.

What also is getting a boost here is all those years of criminological study on recidivism. Clearly the environment the prisoner is released into is important (although it doesn't hurt that NYS gives prisoners chances to learn new skills, too).

I'm sort of amazed that anyone at any time could have thought street policing is irrelevant. Sure, some people can outwit cops and others will obey the law no matter what, but there are tons of people who will engage in anti-social behavior if they think they won't get caught. Come on, just look at motorist behavior around marked patrol cars!!! Although frankly I don't remember much from 1985 re: crime and punishment except for the classic "Society is to blame" defense. :DDD

Amazed at the info on reducing the harm vs. reducing the usage. IMO, weed and coke should be legal. Not legal to stick in supplements in every damn thing (cocaine was banned in the 1920's to get it out of patent cough syrups marketed towards children) but legal the way drink is legal. Get real, the main crime committed by cocaine users is 100% legal raping of Main St to benefit Wall St, also the crime of being a giant douchebag. These douchenozzles drink alcohol, too. Shall we ban scotch or flirtinis?

As for the abused pills I agree with a regime where licensed health care professionals write the scripts (although a pharmacist can give you codeine+tylenol in Canada if you have a cold and the place hasn't gone to hell) which means you're going to have an illicit market.

I'm not at the point where I would say 'legalize heroin' because that shit kills, but it would make a major dent in crime if it weren't illegal. Tobacco kills to and we control that... I can't shake the image of Britain bringing China to its knees with that shit.