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by Peter Moskos

January 10, 2011

Breakfast in Bangkok

So off the main road you make a right at the train track next to the highway and walk down the tracks a short distance to the first food stand and get a papaya salad.

There's a bunch of cops sitting at one table eating and drinking. I befriend them and ask for a picture with them. They happily agree but also hide their beer and refuse to pose. But they do poor me a beer on ice.

They also offer us their food, which best I can tell is heavily marinated raw beef (or pork?) and some delicious greens.

You can see some of their empties off to the side. It's 9AM. A breakfast of champions.

1 comment:

Gotti Rules said...


It looks like you need put down that beer and pick up a treadmill !!
Boy, you are really starting to pack on the pounds!! I guess most of it is from your wife's good cooking.