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by Peter Moskos

January 10, 2011

Then and Now: Fall River (II)

Another one from Fall River. This one isn't so bad. At least the bank building is still standing.

Of course pretty much everything that has changed is not a change for the better.

Notice, if you zoom on the old picture (best to go to the Shorpy site for this), you can see in front of the Fall River Electric Light Company a cop walking the beat, holding his night stick in his right hand (at least I think it's a cop swinging his stick). They didn't have no wimpy-ass baton rings in those days! Though honestly, as fond as I was of the straight baton, which really is better than an expandable asp (I was trained in using both), I never understood the old-school idea that a cop is always supposed to have his nightstick in his hand. What if you need to use your hand?)


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interesting photos/blog thanks for sharing. hope my neighborhood is never on here.