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by Peter Moskos

May 25, 2011

"Don't laugh: He makes a convincing case"

In Defense of Flogging reviewed (favorably!) in Bloomberg and today's S.F. Chronicle. They "get it":
And at just over 150 pages of clear, smart and highly readable prose, Moskos's sharp little volume has a potential audience far beyond the experts who dutifully slog through most tomes like this. It's the kind of item that could be stacked next to a bookstore's cash register. Think about it for a Fathers' Day gift.
I couldn't have said it better myself!

Read the whole review.


Unknown said...

Congratulations! That's a terrific review. We can only hope this book gets an animated discussion started. I think I'll buy a copy and donate it to my library (after I read it, of course!)

The Legionnaire said...

None of America's drug prohibition enforcement agencies want to debate/play softball over the War on Drugs: