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by Peter Moskos

May 17, 2011

In Defense of Flogging

It's in, hot, right off the presses!

Amazon actually has nine copies of In Defense of Flogging in stock, for sale, ready to ship, to be in your grubby hands tomorrow!

But I just bought eight of them. Still, that leaves one.

The official release date is June 1. So your local bookstore should have them soon.


Simmons said...


I don't know how to contact you, but I thought you would enjoy this allegory as to why while Batman may be entertaining, the only real hero is the not very glamorous job of police on patrol (and hopefully foot post).


PCM said...

Thanks for the link!

My email can always be found with google or on my vita, which there's a link to at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

I've not read the book...but wouldn't flogging appeal too much to pervs who see the "punishment" as an enjoyable joke? I agree the legal system goes after and incarcerates too many non-serious criminals: maybe it would work for them and other wusses like me, but for the hard-cores, wouldn't this be too "lite?"

PCM said...

It might be too "lite." But the normal or traditional objection to flogging (and why we stopped doing it) is because it's considered too cruel and barbaric. Too harsh.

So it's a strange world if, in an attempt to be softer on punishment, we ended up with a system of incarceration that is so much worse. And now we can't go back to flogging... because it's too soft!

I feel that once the debate shifts to the idea that flogging is too soft, I've kind of won because it faces us to more clearly address the horrors of long-term incarceration.

As to those who think it's all kinky fun, well, it's not. But they say sex sells. So I hope they all buy my book. But anybody looking for kinky fun in In Defense of Flogging will be sorely disappointed.

MisguidedPotential said...

I just received the book today from Amazon (thank you free one day shipping Amazon Prime!) to my surprise. I hope I get a chance to start reading it soon and I'm planning to pass it onto my parents who are still a bit conservative although they are softening.