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by Peter Moskos

May 26, 2011

Unarmed cops taken on by knife-wielding man

A friend sent me this link which shows a bunch of unarmed cops confronting (and running away from) an armed suspect. Had this happened when I was a cop, I would have shot him. No doubt. And slept well. But these cops couldn't shoot because they don't have guns. And in the end everybody got home alive. Interesting.


Get my Mugshot off of the First page of Google said...

good article...

Dana King said...

Thought-provoking article and video. Still leaves me wondering what they would have (could have) done had this guy gone after a couple of civilians. (The video starts when the police already seem to have the scene under control, at least from passers-by. )

Another thing I think of is that guns are much more of a rarity in England than they are here. In a lot of small towns, maybe unarmed cops would be all right, if armed support was available. I can't imagine a cop going unarmed in a major American city, though.

(Great handle for the previous poster,)

Anonymous said...

Also, imagine if the police were trapped with this guy in a confined space, such as an apartment.

PCM said...

There are lot of things I don't like to imagine.

I think I would have had a good chance of taking him out with my straight baton. But you'd hate to roll those dice and come up snake eyes.

Anonymous said...

I agree. On the same day as the "Miracle on the Hudson," a sergeant from the 101 precinct (in Far Rockaway) lost his eye after being stabbed by an knife-wielding EDP in an apartment, who jumped out from behind the bedroom door.

Yet, if the police were able to shoot him before the officer was stabbed, there probably would have been a substantial amount of protests.