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by Peter Moskos

June 2, 2011

A black man catching a cab in New York

The other day I saw a young black man on the corner of 32nd Street and 6th Avenue with his arm up, trying to hail a cab. He wasn't particularly well dressed, but he didn't look like a hoodlum (the same could have been said of me). "How many empty cabs are going to pass him by before one stops?" I wondered.

The answer: three.

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Jay Ackroyd (@jayackroyd) said...

When I was first working in Manhattan, just north of Union Square, a colleague and I had an appointment at the World Financial Center, down near the WTC. He's a black guy, son of a cop, actually. We were both dressed in business suits at 5th and 18th. He got to the curb first. Two cabs blew by. I joined him, raised my hand.

The next cab stopped.

I'd never seen this happen, so my jaw-dropped. He shrugged. "You get used to it."