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by Peter Moskos

June 23, 2011

Whitey Bulger nabbed!

How about that? Maybe that guy in 1996 at the Abbey Lounge in Somerville wasn't him after all.

The Times article leaves out the details regarding his relationship with his younger brother, who was a long time state representative and then President of of the University of Massachusetts.

If my older brother was on the lam, I wouldn't rat him out, either.

And note this from the LA Times:
Using a "ruse," authorities lured the man out of the apartment, concluded it was Bulger and arrested him without incident. They arrested Greig inside the home. They provided no details about the ruse.
Gosh, a "ruse"! What a novel way to apprehend a criminal suspect.

I'm guessing it went something like this, "Hello... UPS... What?... No, I need your signature."

"Arrested without incident"? Whatever. Seems like they wasted a good opportunity to suit up, bust down some doors, and send in a SWAT team for no good reason.

[p.s.: He lived a block or two from my mom in Santa Monica!]


Shadowguv said...

You know that's the irony. That an arrest warrant for an allegedly violent murderer is served without incident using a "ruse", yet an old man (69 years old I think) was killed last week by a SWAT team serving a warrant for evidence of allegedly illegal prescription drug sales. Where do we go from here?

PCM said...

And let's not forget the Calvo raid, after *law enforcement* placed drugs on his stoop.

Sorry about the dog. Oh, wait. They weren't sorry.