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by Peter Moskos

August 26, 2011

The Storm

Interesting I haven't heard any fear of civil disorder after the storm hits NYC. I hope that's just a sign of how things are not.

I went back and read 1938 New York Times accounts of the hurricane that slammed New York. It was pretty devastating. And at least two people were arrested for robbing 20 stores in Harlem.

Meanwhile I've battened down the hatches and taken things off the roof and rugs off the basement floor. By NYC standards, we're on relatively high ground.

Ice blocks are in the freezer. I always have flashlights (for my bike) and we generally have a lot of food and booze. And I think all our wonderful spring water is gravity fed (the best of 19th century technology!).

I guess deep down I've been hoping for a power outage just so I can sit on our porch and play our Victrola. The neighbors will be in awe.

Let's hope it's fun, but not too fun.

Here's to all the police and city workers out there working, keeping all of us safe!

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