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by Peter Moskos

September 1, 2011

Baltimore City's curfew center

To round up wandering kids in an effort to combat mobs of roving teens. From the Sun:
Baltimore's curfew center began four years ago — a collaborative effort among police, the school system and social services — to get kids off the street and away from potential harm.

Their work has taken on a new urgency as other cities grapple with so-called "flash robs," most notably Philadelphia, which moved up its curfew to 9 p.m. in hopes of combating large, roving groups of young people who caused mayhem there.
Now if only there were a center to pick up mobs of roaming parents.


mamacita said...

No kidding. Where are their parents, anyway? I mean that sincerely. Are they all on crack benders? In your experience, what are the parents doing instead of keeping their kids at home?

PCM said...

Some are on crack benders. Some are drunk. Some prefer the hair-ron.

But a good portion are in jail or prison. That doesn't help matters.

Other kids do have seemingly good parents (or guardians), but they simply can't control their kids. Sometimes even the best of intentions are no match for peer pressure and the thrill of the street.

But I'd say the majority of criminal kids who have parents who *could* be present (do not underestimate that percentage incarcerated) have parents who are simply too drugged out to give a shit (in my humble opinion). That's what I saw.

And never once did I arrest a kid who attended church. I always asked.