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by Peter Moskos

September 4, 2011


There's an interesting chart in New York Magazine that shows what the Patriot Act is used for.
Delayed-notice search warrants issued under the expanded powers of the Patriot Act, 2006–2009:

For drugs: 1,618
For fraud: 122
For Terrorism: 15


Unknown said...

Sharing on Facebook, linking in my blog.

ChristMotForbud said...

Well gollallallee Gomer! Whoda thunk?! ;-)

Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll try to reference it.

How about this headline?

Real Patriots Grow Hemp!

Too bad we don’t have any microfiche from the 1700’s! :-)

All I can think of is the sign I’ve seen photographed on Senator Ron Paul’s desk, “Don’t steal. The government doesn’t like competition.” Or it says something to that effect.

In other words I am convinced there are high level politicians or appointees or whatnot who are lock, stock, and barrel, pwned by the DTO’s.

I also happen to be convinced there are high level medical people who are “In-the-Closet” addicts who can’t admit it to others, but live in the netherworld that maintaining prohibition will somehow save them or prevent others from becoming addicts like them. So because of their pain of feeling addicted, they force the whole world to live under this horrible condition of prohibition.

Arthurone said...

I have been wrongly accuse of something that I’m not sure of, an singled out by the Department of Justice in a criminal investigation
Under the USAPATRIOT Act, I've been Terrorized daily, by the Department of Justice Sneak and Peek warrant and advance Surveillance teams, which allow the police to break into someone’s home or business and collect evidence without even notifying the person or organization that they’ve been the subject of a search.
The practice has been going on now for 4 years at a cost of 5 million dollar per year, advance surveillance and Sneak and Peek, GPS on Car.
Daily harassment, denying me the opportunity to work, there goal is to force me into a life of crime, in-order to support myself .Therefore, arresting me and removing me for sociality
Currently, I'm unemployed and supporting law enforcement with opportunity to have a job harassing me. So far, I estimate over 20 million dollars has been spent, basic break-down of DOJ resources'
15 Man surveillance cars to support surveillance box~ rented apartment to observe me from ~ home break-ins-daily
24 hours surveillance by 7 days (40 field agents min)~ Wire-taps landline and wireless ~ email intercept ~ general harassment from field agents~ Paid informant to collect information about me~ Field agent canvassing my neighborhood, flashing my picture to obtain any information, general harassment~ where-ever I go, they go!~ home break-ins' daily to obtain any information on my computer, key-stroke software on my computer have been installed, DOJ agents spent more time in my house than I do, rent free!
They have and will disrupt the Catholic Church services, when-ever I attend Mass, taking pictures, asking question about me
At the end of the Day, there's no acts' or evidence of any crimes committed by me, this has been going on for 4 years now, at an estimated cost of 20 million and counting.While, I'm unemployed and earn approximate $20,000 per year from unemployment insurance
I offer you the DEA agent’s field notes to support my statement of terrorism!
At the end of the Day, I simply refuse to let the Department of Justice with their many resources', break my Spirit and my Resolve
Please offer me some guidance on stopping this so-call investigation
You’re USAPATRIOT Act at Work!