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by Peter Moskos

October 17, 2011

The more things change... October 17, 1829

The paperwork begins.
Some instances of rudeness on the part of individuals of the Police towards persons asking them civil questions have been reported to the Commissioners of the Police. the Commissions therefore call upon the Superintendents to instruct their officers and men.

The Superintendents will receive a book of instructions for every man and officer of their respective Companies; each man’s name will be written , and it is to be produced to the Inspector at least once a week, and the Superintendent will take care that those books are taken from the men that are dismissed, and are given to the men that replace them.

The Police Constables are desired to pay attention to that part which immediately concerns their own Duty, and having made themselves well acquainted with it, they may, by studying the others, endeavour to fit themselves for promotion.

The Superintendents of divisions will take special care that all orders given out are carefully read from time to time, when it may appear necessary, to impress on the minds of the men the several subjects to which orders relate.

Source: Metropolitan Police. Instructions Orders &c. &c. 1836. London: W. Clowes & Sons.

[I'm on break. Regular blogging will resume in February.]


Anonymous said...

I'm really shocked you haven't said one word or analyzed policing's role, from a tactical or philosophical stand point, in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Forget the one dude who did clearly lose it with the pepper spray. I'm just surprised you haven't said anything really. Shocked and saddened.

Secondly, you haven't said anything on how foot patrol and solid community relations could have prevented the extensive rape and grope attacks in Sunset Park/Park Slope. Instead there's been a show of force and some bright lights. Women don't feel any safer to approach an officer. Foot patrol of all things would be perfect for helping this situation.


PCM said...

Sorry to sadden you. Those are very important issues and one day I probably will have something to say. But right now I’m far from New York City -- physically thousands of miles away and mentally even further -- conducting research on rural police. If fly tipping, poaching, or hare coursing were to make the headlines, I’d be all over it (and even then I wouldn’t blog about in-progress research).

Through January, I’m taking a break from blogging (keep in mind I don’t get paid for this). The few posts you’ll see (I have but six in the hopper for the next three months) are pre-written and simple space fillers till I get back.