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by Peter Moskos

November 4, 2011


Somehow my wife convinced me to join her on her latest trip to Cairo. How did that happen? Regardless, here I am for a few days. A bit of culture shock, coming from rural England. And at first glance Cairo looks surprisingly the same as the last time I was here (which isn't really a compliment).


The Hipster Space Cadet said...


We just haven't gotten "our" s.o.b. in power there, yet. Maybe there will be a "real" democracy one day but I highly doubt it.

Here's something to take a look at when you get a chance in my hood:


Curious as to your thoughts.

PCM said...

We had our SOB in power there. For too many decades. Kind of screwed up the whole country. And stole half the GDP to boot.

PCM said...

I'd go with what Zack says, from a link from your link:


Zachary Goelman said...

Thanks for the love, profficer (like that?)