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by Peter Moskos

December 2, 2011

Christie speaks some sense

I know as a liberal Democrat I'm not supposed to like Chris Christie. But I do admire that he speaks honestly. [I say the same about Ron Paul on war and drug policy, but Paul is a little too extreme on everything else, being a through-and-through libertarian.]

I disagree with Christie on a lot of the issues, but the guy does seem to have a fair amount of common sense. Coming from a politician, it's incredible refreshing. (Even if I am setting the bar too low.)

Here's Christie on drug policy. Is it to much to ask for Republicans (and Democrats, but it seems to be a more of an issue now with the Republicans) not to be loony, ignorant, or completely flip-flop based on the political expediency?


Anonymous said...

I guess the GOP to him, cause the link is broken.

PCM said...

thanks. Corrected.

Anonymous said...

Pete, I don't think you have to automatically be against drug courts when your pro-drug enforcement. I think they are both part of the solution, and obviously, so does Gov. Christie.