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by Peter Moskos

January 16, 2012

The more things change... January 16, 1830

After this date no Police Constable is permitted to apply for a warrant to apprehend any person for an assault upon him (the Constable) without first reporting the case to his Superintendent, and getting his permission in writing to make such application.

Source: Metropolitan Police. Instructions Orders &c. &c. 1836. London: W. Clowes & Sons.

[I'm on break. Regular blogging will resume in February.]


Anonymous said...

Or, they can use the new PC:


"Criteria of the search? He was wearing sweat pants."

Anonymous said...

Know you're on vacation and all, but a blog post (when you get the chance) on how cops act off-duty, and/or interact with "security?"


Anonymous said...

Since I'm on a roll, this is pretty cool, too, and maybe even blogworthy:


PCM said...

I'm not actually on vacation, as I'm getting a lot of work done... I'm just taking a break from blogging.

It can be time-consuming work that doesn't pay.

As to security... I can't talk about that specific incident as I have no idea what happened. But I would say, as a member of the public, that you should be a lot more afraid of club security than police. Police are trained professionals who usually (admittedly not always) live up to their standards.

Those security guards can be brutal. And many of then would be cops, if they could get hired. So instead they picked a low paying job that let's them beat people up every now and then.

Mind you, I've known some very good bouncers, too. They get all my respect. Tough job. And they know how to talk to people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I didn't mean to imply you weren't working - should have said, "taking a break from blogging."

Never intended to tell you, but will now: got my hair cut next to your dad at Noyes Street Barbershop (Fred, RIP), and your father's colleague Allan S (RIP), who died tragically and was a family friend, described your dad to me once as a "real mensch." I also ran into your dad once in the dairy section of the Dominick's on Green Bay Road north of Central. For what it's worth, a childhood friend also worked at Boom Chicago. (And as I write, I'm watching another Boom alum on "Conan.") Hope that wasn't/isn't too personal.

I agree that cops are better than "security," potentially untrained, unvetted and unaccountable. I just thought, especially after the incident in Chicago with the massive cop beating up (sort of "unsuccessfully!") the pint-sized bartender, the interaction with those who formally and officially police, and those who assert authority and delineate societal norms in other contexts and with other forms of "legitimacy," is a good question for speculation.

Again, hope not too personal.

(The guy who asked about policing in Japan and, perhaps pompously, referenced Karel van Wolferen's "The Enigma of Japanese Power."


Anonymous said...

And meant to write as well, fully understand scholarship is *work.* Particularly as a PhD program dropout (yeah, I got the MA along the way, but as a full-fledged member of the academy, you know that's a booby prize).

PCM said...

My father, who got his hair cut at the Noyes Street Barbershop, was a big fan of "The Enigma of Japanese Power."

I was a big fan of the Roast Beef Sandwich on a kaiser roll at Al's Deli. I have this great memory of seeing only the tops of heads bob along behind the counter... and delicious sandwiches appearing.

Anonymous said...

"The Enigma of Japanese Power" - on of the two best non-fiction books by journalists I've read (the other being, Joel Garreau's "Edge City").

Actually have no recollection of Al's Deli even though you and I grew up in the same hood - I'll have to ask my brother when we talk tomorrow whether he remembers it. We (Jewish family) used to get corned beef from some place on Dempster right next to the Skokie Swift; we also went to The Bagel at Old Orchard and I also know Samuel's on Broadway in Chicago. I've only recently, on trips back to Chicago, been to Manny's on the Near South Side, in part due to its notoriety for its Obama/Alexrod patronage.

Straying a bit from police and sociology, but I suppose Memory Lane can't be all bad?

PCM said...

Al's Deli was right next to the barber shop. Maybe a shop or two closer to the L.

We got our bagels at New York Bagels on Dempster in Skokie. Better than any New York bagels, if that makes sense.