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by Peter Moskos

January 5, 2012

Tough Baltimore arrest

Monument and Rose. 325 Post. Cop gets sucker punched trying to take a guy into custody.

Anybody know if the original 30-1 got away? Was he backing up time? (email me at mail@petermoskos.com if you don't want to post a public comment.)

30-2 is lucky he didn't end up like like "Fat Herb," 11 years ago.

And is the term "30-1" still even used among Balto PD? Or was I, a G series, part of the last generation to use it, as we were the last to fill in a box 30-1?

[thanks to Gotti and LvT for the link. The pic is mine.]


Dana King said...

I'm no cop, but I can't imagine a defense attorney gaining anything by showing this video to a judge or jury. The police weren't abusing the original suspect, and the second guy comes from out of nowhere. Even then, I didn't see excessive force used to pry him off that cop.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement. I live in a ghetto neighborhood in NYC, and I've never seen anything like this. You want to record stuff? Hey fine, it's in your legal (I'm assuming in MD) right.

PCM, the crowd seems more interested in creating a situation than letting the cops execute an initially boring-looking arrest. I mean...what gives? Is this Baltimore? Bunch of people shouting for fun? They lucky they aint in NYC, everybody be getting peppered then.

PCM said...

Is this Baltimore? Well, yes. Or at least it is the Eastern District I knew so well. The crowd? A bunch of people shouting for fun at a fight? Isn't that low-class anywhere? You'd get the same in NYC, no? But honestly, NYC just doesn't have the ghettos Baltimore has (as hard as that is for many NYCers to imagine).

As to pepper-spraying crowds, that's frowned upon (and for good reason).

The only thing that bothers me--and I don't do this to criticize, but to help understand and prevent it from happening again--is that the 2nd officer should either have either been in the fight, getting the 1st suspect under control, or with half an eye on the fight and 1-1/2 eyes on managing the crowd. I suspect he was trying to do the latter, but it didn't work. (And honestly, you just don't expect a guy to come and sucker punch a cop, but if he was managing the crowd, he should have been able to try and intercept him. Still, make no mistake, this is a tough situation. The key is backup.)

[I did once see a woman come and sucker punch a guy in cuffs sitting on the curb. She felt she did what she had to do. (She got locked up.) But she did manage to walk right by a bunch of cops, including me, to do so. We just weren't expecting it.]

Adam B. said...

On the current incident reports, box #26 is for the suspect. I don't think BPD cops say much other than "suspect" these days, unless they're really trying to speak in code around a volatile soon-to-be arrestee.

Gotti Rules said...

The box 30-1 for suspect has been gone for a long time. BPD has changed reports a couple of times since then. Most of the guys though with at least 10 years or more on, still remember what 30-1 means. Also, I can't take credit for sending you the link. You know my clickety-clack skills, so I was helped by Mrs. Gotti.

PCM said...

I was one of the last academy classes to fill in box 30-1 on the form. The "simplified" "bubble report" was issued soon after (and took longer to fill out). We still used the term 30-1 afterwards, but I figured days were numbered when the report disappeared. Too bad. I like a little local lingo.

Back to the arrest... can I also add how crazy it is that if this weren't recorded, many people would never have believed the police. Especially when this "poor guy" would have gone on the news and claimed that police kicked him in the face for "no reason."

And let's also look at what didn't happen! Nobody got shot (though I think it would have been justified). Nobody got beat up by the police. So here's to Baltimore police acting professionally in a very tough situation!

And to those who don't know the area, Monument Street is one of the busiest traffic streets in the Eastern. And Rose Street is at the end of the districts only real business district.

Adam B said...

According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, the suspect got a $15K bail when he was locked up, and on bail review, the judge raised it to $100K. I wonder which judge did that...

Anonymous said...

Good comes from capturing police work on tape - like the one PCM posted, the crime is caught. Or like this one

Anonymous said...

PCM, my problem with the second officer is his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to the suspect who suckered punch his partner. If a guy was on my partner like that, camera or not, hes getting off my partner with full force. Instead he seems to be semi-casual with it. Just saying.

PCM said...

I got a lot of problems with his actions (or lack thereof). But that's all I'm going to say. It looks like he's friggin' referring a wrestling match. OK, *that's* all I'm going to say.

Marty said...

Yes I am sure an "Agitator" would have been crying about the poor citizen just innocently questioning the police and got kicked in the head.

That's why I don't like when fellow cops tell people to stop filming. These guys thought this was daming lol.

PCM said...

In Radley's defense, he *didn't* cry about that. I actually think he's a pretty good judge of bad police behavior. (My complaint is he almost exclusively focuses on the negative... But that's his right.)