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by Peter Moskos

January 1, 2012

Under 200

In 2011, there were 196 murders in Baltimore, the lowest number since 1977. From the Baltimore Sun:
The drop extends an overall downward trend in gun violence here since 2007, the year Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III took office.
During the crack-fueled drug wars of the 1990s, killings in the [Eastern] district sometimes topped 80 a year. Last year, there were 27 killings, and only one since Oct. 17 — nothing to brag about and yet a remarkable number for this beleaguered area.
The new priorities led to a sharp drop in arrests, with less than half as many people arrested last year than the 100,000 locked up in 2005.

1 comment:

Richard P. said...

St. Louis had a decrease too. Here is an interesting article about what StL has done with UMSL's criminology department.


The all cash, 30k bail requirement for gun possession might be a useful tool in Baltimore as well.