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by Peter Moskos

February 23, 2012

Another Day at the Office (II)

From Sarah Armaghan in the Daily News:
Sgt. Craig Bier and Officer Donnell Myers [were] in an unmarked car ... when the gunfire started.

Myers, who was in the driver’s seat, whipped his head around to see Chinloy squeezing off shots from a .40-caliber Glock handgun at some people in front of a store, police said.

“When Officer Myers looks over his [left] shoulder, he sees the muzzle flash on the firearm as the guy is shooting toward the group,” a police source said. “They were right there.”
When Myers stopped the car, Chinloy came charging at them - the gun still in his hand, a police source said.

With their guns drawn and badges on display, the cops ordered the man to drop his weapon.

The Crip threw his weapon to the ground, police said.

Bier - who has spent four years of his 14-year NYPD career in the gang unit - and Myers, an eight-year vet with three years in the gang unit, quickly collared the teen, police sources said.

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