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by Peter Moskos

February 23, 2012

Drug Warrior Drug Dealers

El Paso County Commissioner Willie Gandara Jr. recently said:
Legalizing drugs is the coward practice of combating cartels, it is an insult to our men and women in law enforcement, and the laziest form of parenting our children and youth about the effects of drugs.... Unfortunately, on this upcoming primary election we will have many wolves in sheep's clothing running for office who are seeking election with an ulterior agenda to legalize drugs.
Keep fighting the good fight, right? Standard talk from a prohibitionist politician. But makes this interesting...

Gardara was just arrested on federal drug-trafficking charges including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and conspiracy. How about that?

[thanks to Drug WarRant]


Anonymous said...

Come on Pete, The low hanging fruit? The world is full of politicians that are full of crap espousing something they don't believe in. This does nothing for your argument for embracing the moral decline of the US through drug legalization. It just shows Willie is an asshole...


PCM said...

There's a bit difference between espousing things you don't believe in (see: Romney) and using your elected office as a pulpit to support your criminal deeds.

If you think this is normal behavior, you are too cynical about politicians. Most manage to do unethical things within the bounds of the law.

Even though Drug Traffickers for Prohibition might serve as a good counterweight to Law Enforcement again Prohibition, seriously, this goes beyond the pale.